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August 22, 2009

Creating: a Life, is one aspect of my attempt to redesign my life, with much help from my spouse, I might add. Recently, I became a father, resigned from my tenured teaching position, become a stay-at-home dad, joined a community garden, and I am starting a new series of artworks related to raising my child on this ecologically polluted planet.

I should also add that before my pay check ran out this month, I bought an awesome STIHL weed-eater*. This machine is capable of transforming into a tree-trimmer, cultivator, hedger, and I think it can also become a snow blower. It rocks! The only problem is that it has a two-cycle engine which is a notorious environmental polluter and I bought it new, ouch! Yes I am sometimes a hypocrite, but I am a sucker for a new tool!

*STIHL did not pay me to say nice things about their products.