If I Were a Poet: Reflections on a Fall Walk with Son and Falling Leaves.

October 11, 2009

If I Wrote Poetry, I would describe well, the beauty and the sound of the serviceberry leaves falling from their branches as my son and I walked along a wooded path. With words, I would simulate how at peace I felt when I recognized the sound similarities between these leaves falling and that of a gentle rain.

If I Wrote Poetry, I would also describe the joy that I felt when my son and I paused and stood still, to witness the serviceberry leaves as they slowly glided downward, with their slight ruffling as they nudged each other to the ground or ran into an unsuspecting goldenrod or wild aster.

If I Wrote Poetry, I would speak to you of the love I felt for my son, my life, and that rare moment when I took the time to stop and listen to the leaves falling, while holding my son close to my chest.

If I Wrote Poetry, I would tell you of the almost constant turmoil within my mind. The confusion, anger, fear, and sadness, that I did not feel at that moment when I observed the serviceberry leaves disengaging from their branches.

What I felt was joy, love, and happiness especially when my son laughed at the leaves falling and pointed to the bird above and said “whas-dat?” “Its a bird” I said, “a beautiful bird”.

2 Responses to “If I Were a Poet: Reflections on a Fall Walk with Son and Falling Leaves.”

  1. Bree Says:

    Gerard, this is a beautiful piece. As a new mother myself, of a very curious and alert little girl, I am discovering the world again through her eyes. I have found that nothing else matters much these days except the time I spend with her and my husband. I admire your willingness to enter into a “new” life to stay home with your son. Hope you are well.

  2. Howard Nelson Says:

    Hi Gerard,
    Nice poem! You do write poetry. You can call it a prose poem if you want to. That’s considered a legit category. Or you can just call it a poem, with nice repetition & a definitely poetic mood, & a simple sweet close.
    Glad to see that you & your son are having some good times together. I trust he has recovered from his illness by now. That will be a burden off your mind, & hopefully you can get back to enjoying life more.
    Hello to your wife too. Tell her I still want to employ her expertise to get myself a website.
    So long for now, love to all,

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