Noodles and Milk

Yum, Noodles and Milk!

Dedicated to Dad and Uncle Gerard

When I was growing up my father would occasionally make my siblings and I, Noodles and Milk, for lunch. This happened most often on cold winter days, and often when my mother was away. Why this happened when she was not around I am not entirely sure. The fact that the meal is limited in its nutritional value, is quick and easy to make, or that he wanted to share one of his favorite childhood comfort foods with his children, could all have something to do with it.

Noodles and Milk is a Ferrari family comfort food from the paternal side. I can remember one holiday when my uncle, whom I am named after, brought us a pasta maker for Christmas. The two parents and brothers made my cousins, siblings, and I this entrée’ with home made egg noodles. I remember that day fondly, because, not only was that batch of Noodles and Milk the most flavorful I have ever tasted, but making our own noodles was exciting. Additionally, Christmas in those days was magical and full of fun, especially, when the extended family visited. So I am sure the atmosphere at the time enhanced my olfactory nerves and effected my taste buds.

The thing about Noodles and Milk, is that they are great any way you make them. The easiest way is to heat some left over noodles in milk, add a tab of butter, salt, and eat. Easy as that. However, they are absolutely out of this world if you use fresh hand made egg noodles boiled in milk. Once they are cooked, toss several tablespoons of butter in and add salt. As far as I’m concerned, there is not a more delicious meal for cold winter days. Think about it, all the essentials are there — tender chewy starch, cream, protein, and sodium — you just can’t beat it. Top them off with a hot steaming cup of freshly ground coffee and a chunk of high quality dark chocolate and you can’t go wrong, as far as I’m concerned anyway.

Give it a try. All you need is the ingredients, sauce pan, a rolling pin, a knife (sharp), and a ruler if you want relatively attractive looking noodles. See images and captions below.

My Favorite Egg Noodle Recipe:

2 1/3 cups all-purpose flour
2 eggs, 4 egg yokes
½ teaspoon salt

* The Pasta Bible, by Christian Teubner, Silvio Rizzi, and Tan Lee Leng (buy it via Amazon and you can support my art habit)

Quick Image Intro to Making Homemade Egg Noodles

Rolling and Cutting

The Process

Taste Test

Draining Cooked Noodles

One Response to “Noodles and Milk”

  1. Susan Says:

    mmm… this has become one of my favorites too thanks to brother Mark…

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