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I have been Directly Picked

August 20, 2015

Hello Lovely Readers,

I wanted to share this exciting news with you.  I have been included in the “Paradise City: Fall Northampton Directors Picks”.  GJF, Paradise City, PortraitYay! I guess I better get to work.



P.s. Portrait used in the feature article is not current. No I haven’t shaved my beard.

Winging It in Connecticut

August 7, 2015

Photo by my 7 year old son.

I know this post is way overdue. I had some issues with the blog format and needed a break, but it is now time to revisit my writing, and blog, Creating: A Life. Doing so could mean quick update or a long rambling existential reconstruction of the last several years of my life, or something in-between. There is much to contemplate on and about the various “in-betweens” we and I encounter; let’s see what happens.

My last post for Creating: A Life was on November 26, 2011. Since then my spouse, my son, and I, have settled in Connecticut. We bought an old farmhouse, with a large sunny yard, which we are slowly rehabilitating. The house was relatively well maintained; however, the yard was completely overgrown. To help me transform our property into a small food-producing homestead, I enrolled in the University of Connecticut’s Master Gardner program which has proven very helpful.

I also renovated a 24’ x 24’ saltbox style building into a studio. The building was originally an unheated workshop and garden shed. It required some structural reconstruction, new windows, rewiring, insulation, and new walls thanks to a sheetrock hanging day with extended family. Ultimately, the complete interior was transformed on my own except for the house’s electrical panel upgrade to a 200 AMP system and an instillation of a 100 AMP subpanel to the studio. I definitely needed to hire this job out. This renovation took me roughly a year and a half to complete.

While working on the studio, I took a break from my artwork, and concentrated on the Master Gardner coursework and cleaning up our property. This was a welcome change from my intense work during my 2011 McKnight Fellowship for Ceramic Artists, in Minnesota. The fellowship was very rewarding, although it did keep me away from my family for most of that year. Suffice it to say, I made a hell of allot of artwork and drank a lot of red wine. My favorite grape is Malbec – I like it for its tang!

Rat Rod with Insectual Power: Visitor Sereis 20015 Terra Cotta with Multi-Fired Surface 10.5

Rat Rod with Insectual Power: Visitor Series
Terra Cotta with Multi-Fired Surface
10.5″ x 12.5″ x 4.5″

My time away from art making was a good and welcome change. I actually didn’t spend much time dwelling or thinking about my artwork. I knew once the studio was done that I would pull through any apprehension I might have about restarting my creative process. I ended up starting a new sequence, titled the “Visitor” series, and began moving back into more functional work, figuring I would need some money to support my artwork and hopefully help with our finances. So I am now working on marketing my work.

All three of us are pretty well settled in our new home and state. We are cat people and have two great feline companions. Each one of us has our own place within our shared connected paths. My spouse’s career is librarianship, she is also a wonderful mother, spouse, and photographer (when she can find the time). Our son is a fantastic kid: very creative, enthusiastic about his interests, and growing up fast. Me? Well, I am kind of “whacking-out” in that I am trying to reinvent my-self, as a stay-at-home spouse, parent, artist, handy man, mini-homesteader, and, reflective introvert with an interest in the mystical in-betweens. Maybe more later! (I still have some issues with the blog format.)


Photo by my 7 year old son.

Oh yeah, and I am growing a beard – aiming for wizard by fifty!