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Visitor Series Artist Statement

September 29, 2015

Greeting Earthlings,

I have finally written the artist statement for my newest art series and thought you would be interested in reading it.


Pleasant Pirate w Flower PowerThe Visitor series began as a playful and natural progression from preceding anthropomorphized artworks. I realized how extensively I personified my sculptures after observing my son do the same with his toys. With this realization, I decided to embrace and more fully explore character development in my sculptures.

In the past, I intuitively personified each piece as is often highlighted by their playful names. Some of these sculptural personalities are dark and ominous, some are humorous, and others are satirical. However, most are playfully constructed with a toy-like quality.

In general, via zoomorphic characterization and a collage-like multiplicity of influences, my artwork reveals personal observations and responds to the complex time and place in which we live. However, the Visitor series uniquely glorifies what I have come to recognize as my mischievous imagination. The fact that I posses this imaginative outlook is intriguing, and worth further artistic exploration.

The fundamental essence of the Visitor series is a sculptural praise of my son’s youthful glee and a rejoicing in the remnants of my own. Additionally, the sculptures are a playful acquiescence of my maturation that epitomizes my satirical worldview. Or, maybe, I just can’t help myself from creating sculptures with “super powers.”