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The Potters Cast Inteview

February 9, 2016

Hello Creating: a Life readers,

This post is a little different, instead of reading, you will be able to listen, to me! I was recently interviewed by Paul Blais on The Potters Cast.  A Sculptors Journey, is the result of our discussion.  This pod cast is dedicated to potters and ceramic artists around the world, and I was very honored to talk with Paul.  Here it is, enjoy.

A Sculptors Journey

GJF, Paradise City, Portrait

Thanks to the Fleet: Welcome to Spring

May 6, 2011

My small family and I made it through another Minnesota winter. It is now spring, the garlic shoots are up, and the spinach I planted late last fall survived the winter. We are currently eating our first spinach greens, yum!

Besides the copious amounts of snow and negative Fahrenheit temperatures. The Mid-Western United States, and the World has seen much trouble and turmoil. Wisconsin, across the Mississippi where my spouse works, is going through tremendous political turmoil with their newly elected Tea-Party (TEA-BAGGER) and ultra conservative Republican governor, Scott Walker. Without going into much detail about the political wrangling that has occurred and will continue to occur, until he is either recalled or voted out of office, I will simply say that Wisconsin is in for a very rough and divisive future. Jememi Suri, E. Gordon Fox Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, best sums up the political situation with his blog post that compares Walker to Joseph McCarthy. I recommend you read it .

During the winter and early spring 2011 we as a world population have seen and some individualizes have experienced a sea-of-change in the popular uprisings of Egypt and other middle eastern countries. The overthrow and attempts to remove dictators and their autocratic political regimes from power has been inspiring and painful to observe. My own non-logistical emotional-intellectual based political mind interprets these uprisings as a hopeful beginning of a more humanistic future world. However, on the other hand, my pessimism views the extreme exclusivity of the right wing of American politics to be extremely frightening and disturbing, to say the least.

In addition, at the end of this winter another major natural disaster devastated the country of Japan. As we know, Japan’s recent earthquake and resulting tsunami destroyed lives, property, infrastructure, and caused the break down of their Fukushima nuclear power plant, which is leaking toxic nuclear radiation. Things are not good for our Japanese brothers and sisters! The radiation from this nuclear power plant is currently negatively effecting the environment, people of Japan, and the world economy. I hope that this will be a wake up call to humanity to seriously consideration establishing a greater use of renewable energy. Again and unfortunately, Americas right-wing politicians are stripping away funding for research and development of the numerous renewable energies our country and world has available. To put it lightly I am not very happy with America politics at the moment! However, I am very excited and proud of the left wing progressive groups that are rapidly organizing via small PAC’s, like Russ Fiengold’s Progressives United (link),, and others. These groups are fighting hard for human rights, environmental protection, animal safety, and inclusiveness of all living beings of the world. There is hope for our one and only home, planet earth!

To end on a personal positive accomplishment, I once again avoided buying a snow blower this winter. Since living in Minnesota, I have on numerous occasions, with every large snow fall to be exact, wanted to purchase one of these space taking, gas guzzling, maintenance heavy, but very useful and effective snow displacing machines. I am happy to say that with the help of numerous shovels,The Fleet, my spouse, son, and, very awesome and generous neighbor (who has a snow blower), I once again fought the urge to purchase a snow blower!

The Poisoned Cocoon Series

June 9, 2010

Images of my new series of artwork were uploaded to my website last night. I won’t comment on the work other than to say that I am glad to finally be able to release it to the world via the Internet and a few upcoming group exhibitions. Most notably, Visions in Clay, juried by Arthur Gonzales. Growth #1 with Baby Face will be exhibited at LH Horton Jr. Gallery, Stockton, CA from August 26 through September 23.

You can see all completed works in the series as well as my artist statement at:



August 22, 2009

Creating: a Life, is one aspect of my attempt to redesign my life, with much help from my spouse, I might add. Recently, I became a father, resigned from my tenured teaching position, become a stay-at-home dad, joined a community garden, and I am starting a new series of artworks related to raising my child on this ecologically polluted planet.

I should also add that before my pay check ran out this month, I bought an awesome STIHL weed-eater*. This machine is capable of transforming into a tree-trimmer, cultivator, hedger, and I think it can also become a snow blower. It rocks! The only problem is that it has a two-cycle engine which is a notorious environmental polluter and I bought it new, ouch! Yes I am sometimes a hypocrite, but I am a sucker for a new tool!

*STIHL did not pay me to say nice things about their products.